Alternative Out-of-Home
Media Forecast 2007-2011


History, Advertising Spending, Trends & Analysis

Alternative out-of home media is staying in tune with fast-paced and elusive American consumers, who are spending more time than ever outside their homes. Ad spending on these media soared 27% in 2006 to $1.69 billion, with accelerated 28% growth expected in 2007. Growth was driven by accelerating expansion in video advertising networks, digital billboards and ambient advertising, which are enabling advertisers to engage more mobile consumers in captive locations. Until now, providing in-depth business recommendations and optimized plans for this highly fragmented channel have been challenging due to the lack of primary data and reliable forecasts.

For the first time, PQ Media takes an independent and comprehensive look at the explosion of new out-of-home media, markets, categories, trends, companies and locations to make effective decision-making easier. The PQ Media Alternative Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2007-2011 is the only authoritative source to define, size, and forecast this rapidly growing media sector. This exclusive report provides answers to these important questions, and many more:

  • What defines the alternative out-of-home media industry segment?
  • Which segments are included - and excluded?
  • What historical trends have driven double-digit growth?
  • Which sectors will see the fastest growth and when?
  • What's the long-term growth potential for each sector?
  • Who are the leaders, key players and emerging companies to watch?
  • How to optimize your alternative out-of-home media budget, plan and buy?

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