PQ Media's Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2014-18

The new 2014 edition of PQ Media's annual Global Media & Technology Forecast Series is a groundbreaking three-report bundle designed by our strategic intelligence team to work together sequentially to provide end users with the only multi-lens view of the epic transformation reshaping the global media ecosystem. Each Report package in the overall GMT Series is also produced to perform as a standalone KPI-focused market research solution;

PQ Media's core mission was to create the industry's only multi-faceted corporate planning tool to deliver credible, consistent, comprehensive and in-depth market intelligence to empower management teams driving strategic growth initiatives with the actionable data they need to make smarter, faster business decisions. Team PQ's flexible, user-friendly approach is becoming increasingly important to industry stakeholders charged with navigating a successful course through powerful cross-currents disrupting the media & tech economy worldwide.

While a range of media research companies have published a variety of so-called time spent with media white papers and reports in recent years, they tend to be either narrowly focused on particular market niches, supported by third-party aggregated data, or utilizing highly skewed online survey methods. In sharp contrast, PQ Media remains the industry's trusted go-to solution for more than a decade in which most of the leading US and Global media operators, management consultants and financial institutions have counted on the only proven, consistent and actionable cross-media data and analytics covering the global media ecosystem, and drilling deep into the Top 15 Global Markets.

PQ's often-cited Consumer Media & Exposure Index is a prime example of our leadership position and ownership of the only solution to employ an organic, proprietary econometric methodology - PQ Medianomics™ - to track, analyze and forecast the three key performance indicators (KPI's), each of which serves as the focus of a Report in the Series: 1) media operator revenues & growth; 2) consumer media usage & exposure; and 3) consumer spending on media content, access & technology. KPI's are tracked consistently by region, country, sector, platform, channel, technology and social generation through a coverage system spanning over 100 digital, alternative & traditional media.

Report Descriptions | Site License Options | Pricing Tiers

Brief descriptions follow of the three individual titles included in the 2014 Series, with the most current content details, pricing options, and hyperlinks to dedicated landing pages for each Report, featuring free downloads of executive summaries, table of contents, dataset samples and official press releases.

Global Digital & Alternative Media Revenue Forecast 2014-18 - Examines digital, alternative & traditional media operator revenues worldwide for the 2008-18 period, with deep dives into the Top 15 Global Markets, including the US, broken down by the advertising and marketing sectors; 9 media platforms in those two sectors; and 40 media channels. Comparison data covering 11 traditional media platforms are included to provide the broad perspective and to foster easy comp analyses by market and platform globally. (*free report downloads, such as the executive summary and sample datasets, are available by clicking on the Report hyperlinks throughout this document)

Global Consumer Usage of Media Forecast 2014-18 - Delivers in-depth strategic intelligence on consumer time spent with media worldwide from 2008 through 2018 with exclusive drill-down analyses and value-add Excel Databook deliver a heavy cache of PQ's "intellidata" across the Top 15 Global Markets by 3 overall digital platforms, 21 media channels, and all 5 cultural generations (e.g., GenX, Millennials). Also included are data on 8 major traditional media platforms for comparisons.

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content, Access & Tech Forecast 2014-18 - Covers consumer spending on subscriptions to digital media content, access, devices, software and related services. Data is broken down by 2 spending sectors, 5 digital media & technology categories and 28 segments. Also featured are end-user spend data for 4 traditional media categories and 14 traditional media segments for comparisons.

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GMT Forecast Series 2014-18 | End-User License Options & Fees

  • Standalone Report | Single-User License: $2,995
  • Standalone Report | Multi-User License: 3,995
  • 3-Report Series Bundle | Unlimited Multi-User License: $9,995

*All single-user licenses are available for purchase via PQ Media's website. To procure a multi-user license to an individual Report or to take advantage of the $2,000 Savings delivered by purchasing the special Unlimited Enterprise Bundle, please contact: