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Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2009-2014


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Global History, Spending, Trends & Analysis

Amid a sharp downturn in global advertising spending and a decline in traditional out-of-home advertising in 2009, digital out-of-home media is among the fastest growing media in the world and will continue on an upward track in 2010, according to a new global forecast from PQ Media, the leading provider of media econometrics.

Throughout history, emerging media supported by strong audience metrics have consistently grown during economic recoveries after deep recessions. This was true for radio in the '30s and '40s, broadcast TV in the '50s, cable TV in the '80s and '90s, and Internet and search in the '00s. PQ Media data strongly suggest history will repeat itself in the case of digital out-of-home media, due in part to today's unprecedented media disruption and fragmentation, people consuming more media out of the home all day long, and with media stakeholders placing greater emphasis on audience measurement.

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