PQ Media: Global Content Marketing Revs Surge 13% to $26.5B in 2014; Growth Rate Accelerates to 14% in 1H15 as Dynamic B2B & B2C Branded Content Fuels 6-Yr Growth Streak

Global content marketing revenues grew 13% to $26.5 billion in 2014, and the industry's growth momentum carried into the first half of this year, according to new KPI benchmark report by PQ Media. PQ's analysts say their exclusive KPI Benchmark Index projects the content marketing industry will post the 6th consecutive year of accelerated double-digit growth in 2015.

Stamford, CT - July 08, 2015 (prweb.com) - Global content marketing revenues surged 14.4% in 1H15, following a red-hot performance in 2014 when combined B2B & B2C content grew at an accelerated 13.3% rate to $26.47 billion, according to new KPI benchmark data released today by PQ Media. Key growth drivers include next-gen B2B content, software and consulting firms, as well as consumer research-savvy B2C marketers scrambling to leverage and re-target their valuable content assets to capitalize on the growing influence of Gen-X and Millennial consumer and business end users, says the first annual PQ Media Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-19.

PQ analysts added that content marketing - the world's hottest marketing platform in 2015 - shows no overt signs of cooling down anytime soon. Quite the contrary, industry KPI's are pointing to CM revenues posting the 6th consecutive year of accelerated double-digit growth by year's end, fueled by marketers shifting strategies and moving resources to well-planned, efficient and intelligent content marketing solutions. For example, brand marketers have consistently upped their investments in campaigns targeting Gen-X and Millennial consumers for the past several years, leveraging, editing and re-targeting proven branded content for distribution via the most successful media. Among the platforms and channels producing the best results are online, mobile, social, gaming, video, apps, e-books, print books, and hybrid research & newsletter products.

PQ analysts expect CM's multi-year streak of accelerating double-digit growth to extend at least through 2016. CM's impressive growth streak is matched or exceeded only by the decade-long mobile media juggernaut and branded entertainment, according to Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-19. B2B content marketing is the larger of the two major end-user sectors, generating $13.96 billion worldwide in 2014 and commanding a 52.7% share of the global market. The B2C content segment, meanwhile, grew a bit faster last year, expanding 14.3% compared with the B2B segment's 12.5% gain.

"Content is, was, and always will be king of the media and entertainment business. And content marketing has emerged as the most vibrant and talked-about marketing sector of the past five years, building momentum at a faster growth rate each year from 2010 through 2014," said Patrick Quinn, Chief Content Officer, PQ Media. "Growth momentum continued in the first half of this year, driven in part by the increasing sophistication with which leading brands, marcom agencies, and forward-looking boutique content marketers are studying and engaging their target users with more testing, research, planning, and leveraging their most effective and efficient content, technology and talent. Ultimately, the best content marketing overlays engaging storytelling with a strong content foundation; concise and insightful prose; and the use of creative design aspects."

The US is, by far, the world's largest CM market, and it's heating up at an accelerating rate, as the CM torrent picks up speed and reinvigorates advertising and marketing stakeholders concurrent to the US and other keyglobal markets gaining traction as their economic conditions gradually improve. Total US revenues of $12.11 billion in 2014 exceeded the combined total of all the remaining Top 15 Global Markets, including the UK, Germany and Japan. American CM revenues grew 12.2% last year, ranking 11th worldwide.

The already disruptive and transformative impact of the oft-cited Millennials, particularly the dynamic group of women in the brand marketer's sweet spot of 18-34, shows no signs of abating. Millennial women are downright killing it in this marketplace through efficient and effective use of new technology, large caches of malleable content and the charisma that has fueled the wave of popular female content producers and online video stars via popular social nets like YouTube and Facebook.

While TV remains the most consumed medium worldwide, viewing of first-run programs is declining in favor of time-shifted video consumption through multiple media, often to avoid traditional 30-second ads. As a result, well-planned branded content campaigns have assumed a stronger position within the cross-media stratagem. This is especially true in the largest and fastest-growing CM markets, where brand marketers work more closely with content producers to integrate brands more effectively into scripts and stories.

PQ Media's Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-19 identifies three major sectors of content marketing and 13 different channels that share similar characteristics. Hybrid print & digital content marketing channels is the largest of three sector categories, reaching $14.09 billion worldwide in 2014, propelled by the largest of the 13 channels tracked by PQ Media - branded print & digital magazines & advertorials at $8.13 billion.

Fastest-growing CM sector in 2014 was digital-only CM channels, which jumped 27.7%, fueled by rapidly growing channels such as branded mobile content & apps, which soared 61.5% last year. Non-textual CM channels was the smallest sector, although it posted the second-largest channel in sponsored events & event publications.

PQ projects global content marketing revenues will increase at a 15% CAGR during the 2015-19 period to more than $50 billion in 2019.

About the Forecast:

The PQ Media Global Branded Entertainment Marketing Forecast 2015-19 has been the industry's KPI benchmark for 10 years, delivering exclusive data on product placement in various media, B2C event sponsorships, and consumer event marketing generated revenues, market sizes & growth; key growth drivers; and critical challenges ahead; segmented by global region, market, media platform, sector & channel (tv, film, videogames, recorded music, online, mobile, other media]), as well as B2C event sponsorships & marketing.

The 6th edition covers the 2009-19 period, with 2014 actuals, 2015 pacings & 2015-19 forecasts; New valueadd features in this year's version include:

--New PowerPoint format for subscribers to leverage and manipulate varied biz intel, like cross-media data comps by channel; and be prepared for key internal reports & presentations with PQ's newly designed deck of 250 data-rich slides providing exclusive strategic intelligence supported by a credible and consistent methodology, definitions and historical datasets.

--Also provided in the 2015 edition are hundreds of deep-dive supplemental datasets on the Top 15 Global Media Markets by region, country, media sector and channel, which are bundled into special Excel Databooks. These multi-tab workbooks deliver the broadest and deepest econometric study of branded media channels available anywhere, with over 325 datagraphs.

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