Intelligent Data for
Smarter Business Decisions

PQ Media® delivers intelligent data and analysis to executives at the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology organizations through syndicated market research, custom market intelligence and strategic advisory services. PQ Media® uses a proprietary econometric methodology to define, segment, size and project growth across more than 100 digital, traditional and alternative media platforms and channels by global region, country, media platform, channel, gender and generation group.


Through our proprietary econometric modeling system, PQ Media’s venerable research analyst team develops primary research reports that have influenced strategies, investments and tactics for leading media, entertainment and communications stakeholders worldwide.


Due to global marketplace demand, we broadened and deepened our analysis of emerging media through the lens of PQ Medianomics™. As a result, we developed a broader portfolio of custom consulting services to meet the growing needs of our clients. In addition, we continue to expand our library of primary research reports on emerging media, which have received global recognition.

Comprehensive media intelligence that is always one step ahead of the curve