The media industry has been expanding exponentially with more new channels being developed in the last 50 years compared with the first 5,000 years. Brands have more than 200 choices to distribute their messages, compared with 50 in 1990, a fourfold increase.

With the myriad of changes to the media ecosystem, key media stakeholders reach out to PQ Media for strategic intelligence to help in their decision-making process because of the unique data and trends analysis that we can offer.

Using our proprietary methodology, PQ Medianomics™, (link to methodology page), PQ Media has been able to develop a broad portfolio of custom consulting services to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Needs Assessment

To determine which service best suits your needs, PQ Media executives will discuss the parameters and logistics of the project to ascertain how the research will be used. PQ Media will then prepare a preliminary proposal that clearly defines the project parameters, including:

  1. Current Situation: Reason(s) PQ Media contacted and chosen
  2. Objectives: Project parameters and final outcome
  3. Scope & Methodology: Project details, organization & process
  4. Schedule: Timetable for preparing all materials
  5. Deliverables: Types of documents, such PDF and excel datasheet
  6. Fees: Cost structure

Actionable Strategic Intelligence Reports

PQ Media prepares in-depth analysis of media industry trends, such as changing media consumption patterns. These assignments often take weeks to complete with multiple categories being analyzed. There are instances that projects are executed in phases, with preliminary data delivered to meet an internal deadline, followed by more comprehensive data modeling and econometric trend analysis in later phases.


Perception Surveys

PQ Media develops, implements and analyzes results from a questionnaire we would prepare for you to ascertain how a specific end user perceives your company, brands and/or services, such as sales team’s performance. We would consult with you to determine the size of the universe, the length of the survey, and the method to collect data, such as phone or face-to-face intercept, so that the results are statistically significant and address your issues.


Webinars & Presentations

PQ Media will prepare and present branded webinars that tie media industry data to your products and services. Presentations can be via a video teleconference or done in person, such as board meetings or investor roadshow. We also can develop longer multi-topic presentations, such as trend analysis by media in separate sessions, that would be structured like a half- or full-day retreat.


Custom Phone Consults

PQ Media executives are industry thought-leaders and we are often asked to provide our opinions in confidence on specific media platforms, channels, trends and/or companies, such DMAs with a significant rise in political media buying. As an independent, unbiased third-party resource, you would gain perspective for an upcoming decision within a short time frame.


Licensing PQ Media Report

PQ Media will prepare a specific report for you that are often available exclusively to a specific universe, such as trade organization members or your customers, and accessed by a password-protected digital firewall or provided as a leave-behind after a customer meeting.