PQ Media Releases 2nd Edition
Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017

World’s only credible, consistent and actionable strategic intelligence
defining, segmenting, sizing and projecting outcomes across
all B2B & B2C content marketing channels

Brand marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach target audiences in the ever-changing media landscape where business and consumer end users have so many options to choose from. Simultaneously, target audiences are often overwhelmed and confused when seeking credible messages for products and services of interest to them from literally millions of content distribution channels that weren’t available just a few decades ago.

Meanwhile, brand marketers are overwhelmed by more than 200 different advertising & marketing channels available to them to reach their consumer and business end users. Marketing messages often get lost as their intended users are media multitasking, or worse yet, viewing content on devices with ad-skipping technology in which messages are missed entirely. As a result, content marketing has emerged as one of the prime media platforms to engage harder-to-reach end users.

To help you navigate this dynamic media platform, PQ Media in 2015 developed the first credible, consistent and actionable source of intelligent data and analysis to define, segment, size and project outcomes across all business and consumer content marketing channels worldwide. And with PQ Media’s just-released Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017, we’ve continued to add value and expand coverage of this growing media segment by identifying the largest and fastest growing markets; which markets hold the most potential going forward; which media channels offer the greatest opportunities and challenges; which countries rank among the Top 20 Global Markets; and the key growth trends fueling this business in 2017 and over the next five years.

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