PQ Media Global Product Placement Spending Forecast 2012-2016


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Paid product placements. They're hard to miss, by design. That's why brand marketers will spend an estimated $8.25 billion on them worldwide in 2012, rebounding solidly from the $6.25 billion spent in 2009 during the Great Recession.

PQ Media's comprehensive product placement intelligence report continues to set the standard for spending measurement and analysis by channel, market and region for this highly visible and growing industry. In a digitally connected mobile social world, with media multi-tasking and shorter attention spans, media content has become more social, interactive and engaging. This trend has led brand marketers to evolve their product placements beyond TV and film to include video games, online and mobile, as well as music.

The PQ Media report finds the paid product placement to be a 'strategic must-have' in the consumer brand activation marketing mix. TV continues to dominate spending and digital platforms are the fastest growing. The U.S. is the largest product placement market with a 64% share. China posted the fastest growth of 15 major markets covered. Worldwide, the report forecasts a sustained and accelerating growth path, anticipated to nearly double by 2016.

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