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Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Forecast 2017-21


The 5th annual edition of PQ Media’s Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Forecast 2017-21delivers the most comprehensive, consistent and actionable data and analysis available anywhere covering the size, growth, key trends and projected outcomes across all traditional, digital & alternative advertising and marketing platforms and channels worldwide, including in-depth coverage of the Top 20 Global Media Markets.

The new Global Advertising & Marketing Forecast 2017 is the first of three reports that, together, constitute the full Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2017, PQ Media’s annual multi-report KPI benchmark bundle designed so each report works both individually as a standalone product and collectively as part of the overall series to provide users with the intelligent data, market insights and holistic perspective you need to make smarter, faster business decisions amid the transforming global media landscape.

PQ Media is the world’s only market research firm that consistently tracks, analyzes and projects the velocity and trajectory of the global advertising & marketing economy. Along with decades of proprietary research and thorough PEST examination, our analysts have drilled deep into the leading markets worldwide to uncover the most important trends impacting the media industry throughout the 10-year period covered (2011-2021).

All advertising & marketing datasets are tracked consistently by global region, country, media sector, silo, platform and channel through exclusive research spanning over 100 digital and traditional media. PQ Media analysts employ our proven research methodology, which includes three proprietary databases and an exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel, which allows for econometric modeling, market sizing, vertical segmenting and five-year projections covering every advertising & marketing platform and channel worldwide, with consistent datasets for more accurate comparisons across the media spectrum. Other key features and upgrades to the 2017 edition include:

  • Core PDF Report delivering several hundred slides of exclusive research, analysis and datagraphs for easy comparisons, internal reporting and important presentations;
  • Companion Excel Databook providing hundreds of consistent datasets and thousands of actionable datapoints, as well as market-specific insights, five-year projections and various rankings by region, country, platform, channel and generation;
  • Expanded coverage of leading global markets to include 5 new countries, with at least 1 new market in all 4 global regions: Argentina (Americas); Netherlands & Poland (Europe); South Africa (Middle East & Africa); and Taiwan (Asia-Pacific);
  • Proprietary and consistent US & Global market definitions, segmentation, market sizing, country profiles, global market rankings and projected outcomes, as well as key growth trends, emerging opportunities and industry challenges in the 2017-21 period;

Together, PQ Media’s proprietary assets enable our research team to do the hard work you don’t have time to do, so you can focus on examining the most comprehensive, in-depth and consistent econometric data, market intelligence and expert analysis that will help you do your job better. PQ Media has designed the new Forecast to make it easier for you to leverage critical strategic intelligence in a manner that supports your important growth objectives. For example, this year’s edition will enable you to:

  • Analyze results and forecasts for the entire 2011-21 period, including year-end estimates for 2016, current-year pacing for 2017, and projections for the 2017-21 period, with the help of nearly 500 exclusive datagraphs;
  • Benchmark performance in the Top 20 Global Markets across 4 major regions; 2 primary industry sectors (advertising & marketing); 15 hybrid media silos (digital & traditional); 12 digital & alternative media platforms; 12 traditional media platforms; and over 50 different media channels;
  • Drill down into the Top 20 Global Markets with the upgraded Companion Excel Databook, providing hundreds of consistent, deep-dive datasets by country, platform and channel, as well as market-specific insights and five-year projections through more than 90,000 data points

To examine the full depth and breadth of the Global Advertising & Marketing Forecast 2017-21, please share a few bits of information with us below (confidentially), making sure that all your contact info is correct, particularly your email address, which is used to send you the links necessary to download your FREE executive summary and sample datasets after you submit the short form.

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