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Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2015-19


As the fragmentation of the US and Global advertising & marketing economy accelerates, media stakeholders are scrambling to redevelop strategic growth plans. Key to your success will be the ability to make smarter, faster business decisions amid an epic transformation of the media, entertainment and technology ecosystem.

With this rapidly changing landscape in mind, PQ Media in 2013 launched the Global Media Intellicast Series (formerly titled Global Media & Technology Forecast Series), a three-report market intelligence service that tracks, analyzes and projects the size and growth of the media ecosystem by country, media sector, silo, channel and cultural generation. Each of the three installments in the Series delivers exclusive data and comparisons of digital and traditional media, while focusing on one of three KPI’s: media operator revenues; consumer media usage & exposure; and consumer spending on media content, access & technology.

The second report in the new edition of the Series – Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2015-19 – delivers exclusive data and analytics covering time spent with digital and traditional media, key market drivers and challenges, and US and Global rankings, among other actionable intelligence designed to help you:

  • Benchmark KPI’s in the 4 major global regions; the 15 largest global markets; 3 broad digital media platforms (online, mobile & other digimedia); 22 digital media channels; 7 generation groups (iGen, Millennial, Gen-X, Baby Boomer & Great Gen); 8 traditional media platforms (NEW); and 11 overall media silos (NEW);
  • Drill down into the Top 15 Global Markets with a Value-Add Excel Databook, which provides hundreds of datasets, market-specific insights and 5-year projections in a 420-slide PowerPoint deck featuring more than 230,000 data points;
  • Examine the entire 2009-19 period, including 2009-14 actuals and 2015-19 forecasts, with more than 850 tables, charts and graphs that will help you to identify markets and media that present the best investment opportunities going forward;
  • Analyze 10 years of exclusive media consumption data, including time spent with media per week; breakouts of media usage & exposure growth; and various rankings of the fastest-growing platforms and channels, including mobile, online, social, gaming, over-the-top video and digital out-of-home media;
  • (NEW) Expanded coverage of traditional media usage and in-depth analyses of advertising and marketing channels, such as new data and segmentation by Combined Digital & Traditional Media Silos (ex., overall television usage includes consumer viewing of TV programs on desktop PC’s, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and TV sets).

While other media researchers have published so-called media usage reports in recent years, these have tended to be narrowly focused on particular market niches, supported by aggregated third-party data or utilized highly skewed online survey methods.

In sharp contrast, PQ Media’s Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecastremains the industry’s most trusted source, as evidenced by the blue-chip media operators, management consultants, financial institutions and ad agencies that continue to count on the only proven, consistent and actionable intelligent data solution for time spent with media.

PQ’s analysts conducted thorough PEST examinations and drilled deep into key media markets worldwide to uncover the critical trends driving each of the three KPI’s in 2015, 2016 and beyond, including:

  • Surging demand from post-Baby Boomer generations for wireless devices, broadband access and digital content, which is hastening the shift of ad and marketing dollars to digital media;
  • Multitasking with various digital and traditional media, as well as new technologies, has become the norm in developed countries like the US, UK, Japan and Australia;
  • Emerging middle class in developing nations, such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, are demanding faster access to richer content, which has led to upgraded broadband and wireless systems that are fueling the growth of time and money spent on mobile data plans, internet access and over-the-top video.

In designing the Global Media Intellicast Series, PQ Media’s goal was to help you navigate the tectonic shifts reshaping the media ecosystem. As such, PQ’s analysts conducted the research and development of each publication with the support of our proprietary PQ Medianomics™ methodology, which has set the standard for mapping the consumer-facing media economy. And we believe this groundbreaking product will equip media, entertainment and technology executives with the crucial market intelligence necessary to make smarter business decisions in this era of monumental transformation.

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