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Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2017-21


PQ Media has released the 5th edition of the Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2017-21, delivering exclusive data and analytics covering the waterfront of US & Global time spent with digital and traditional media, including:

  • Econometric data tracking media usage weekly, driven by PQ Media’s proven research methodology and mapping system;
  • Key growth drivers & emerging industry challenges;
  • Exclusive US & Global rankings by country, platform, generation, most media usage, fastest-growing, digital vs. traditional share, and more;
  • Consistent historical, current and forecast datasets

The new PQ Media Forecast is the second of three reports to be released in the annual Global Media & Technology Series™ (GMT Series), a three-report bundle designed to work individually and sequentially to deliver the world’s only holistic view of the digital transformation reshaping the media & technology landscape. PQ Media does this by providing a unique multi-lens perspective through the vantage points of three industry KPIs: media operator revenues & growth; consumer media usage & exposure; and consumer spending on media content & technology.

PQ Media is the world’s only market research firm that consistently tracks, analyzes and projects the velocity and trajectory of the entire global media economy through the lenses of these KPIs. In line with past editions, we’ve added several new features this year, as well as a range of new intelligent data sets to the Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2017-21.

To help you make smarter, faster strategic decisions amid the shifting media landscape, PQ Media’s analysts leverage our proven econometric methodology, PQ Medianomics™, which includes proprietary databases and exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel™. Together, these assets enable our research team to do the hard work you don’t have time to do, so you can focus on critical strategic planning and using the best market intelligence to help you do your job better.

PQ Media’s consistent, credible and actionable industry data, driven by a time-tested methodology and algorithms, will help you to:

  • Benchmark KPIs in the 4 major global regions; Top 20 Global Media Markets; 3 broad digital media platforms (online, mobile & other digital media); 22 digital media channels; 7 generation groups (ex., Millennials, Gen-X); 8 traditional media platforms; and 11 hybrid media silos;
  • Analyze 10 years of exclusive media consumption data, including time spent with media per week; breakouts of media usage & exposure growth by platform; and rankings of the fastest-growing countries, platforms, channels & generations; all wrapped up in a user-friendly 450-slide core PDF report in PowerPoint format.
  • Drill down into the Top 20 Global Markets with the Companion Excel Databook, which takes a deep dive into each of the leading countries by delivering 250,000 consistent, actionable datasets and datapoints; market-specific insights; and five-year projections, among others;
  • Examine the entire 2011-21 period, including 2011-16 historical data, year-end 2017 estimates, and 2018-21 forecasts, with more than 850 tables, charts and graphs, which will help you to identify key markets and media that present the best investment opportunities going forward;
  • Expanded coverage of traditional media usage and in-depth analyses of advertising & marketing channels, such as new data and segmentation by “Hybrid Media Silos”, which combine digital & traditional media data. For example, overall television usage includes consumer viewing of TV programs via desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and TV sets);

PQ Media analysts conducted thorough PEST examinations and drilled deep into the key growth drivers and challenges throughout the global media ecosystem to uncover the critical trends driving each of the three KPI’s in the 2017-21 period, including:

  • Consumers using PCs and laptops less frequently in accessing digital content, preferring smartphones, computer tablets and e-Readers;
  • Stabilizing economies worldwide have led more consumers to purchase smartphones, even in emerging markets where the technology infrastructure having difficulty keeping up with demand;
  • Digital extensions of traditional media, like streaming television episodes, accounts for more than half of all digital media usage;

To examine the depth and breadth of the Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2017-21, please share a few bits of information with us below (in strict confidence). In addition, please ensure that all your contact information is correct, particularly your email address, which is used to send you the links necessary to download your free executive summary, table of contents, and sample datasets.

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