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Global Consumer Spending on Media Forecast 2023-2027


PQ Media’s 10th annual Global Consumer Spending on Media Forecast 2023-2027 delivers the most comprehensive and actionable strategic intelligence on consumer spending on digital and traditional media content and technology, including econometric data and analysis of the 2 overall spending sectors (media content and technology); 5 total spending segments (unit purchases, content subscriptions, access, devices, and software); and 28 digital and 14 traditional media content and technology categories.

The new edition of the Forecast is designed to provide media industry stakeholders like you with mission-critical market research, insights and growth projections you need to make smarter business decisions in a fast-changing global media economy.

PQ Media analysts utilize our proven econometric methodology to collect, analyze and synthesize market intelligence to project outcomes across all categories of consumer spending on digital and traditional media content, access, technology, software and services in the top 20 global markets and the rest of the countries across all 4 major regions.

With the growth challenges posed by several key macroeconomic variables in 2022 and 2023, such as rising global inflation, interest rate hikes and geopolitical tensions, we understand your critical need for a trusted research partner to deliver consistent, reliable and in-depth datasets, market segmenting and sizing, PEST trend analysis and actionable growth projections to help you benchmark your performance, improve strategic planning and enhance tactical execution.

Global consumer spending on overall media content and technology grew at a decelerated 6.3% in 2022 to $2.186 trillion, following an increase of 6.9% in 2021 – the strongest growth in consumer media spending in a decade. Fueling growth in 2022 were digital audio, video, news and multiplayer videogame subscriptions, among others.

However, despite a relatively solid gain in 2022, the growth of consumer media spending – much like consumer media usage growth – began to decelerate in 2022 and we expect it to lose even more steam during the 2023-2027 period, as the pandemic-driven forces that sparked the unexpected splurge in consumer spending in 2020 began to fade in the second half of 2021.

As PQ Media predicted three years ago, while the pandemic effect briefly interrupted key secular trends in 2020-2021, this was a near-term disruption of long-term trends that resumed in 2022 and will continue during the 2023-2027 period, such as decelerated growth or outright declines in various digital and traditional media content and technology categories.

With these macroeconomic headwinds, PQ Media’s new Global Consumer Spending on Media Forecast 2023-2027 provides you with site license options that include the following key deliverables crafted to deliver actionable market intelligence aimed at helping you manage the secular downtrends produced by a changing media landscape so you can achieve your strategic growth objectives in a post-pandemic era:

  • PDF Report & Analysis in PowerPoint slide format delivering over 500 slides of actionable strategic intelligence, with 125 slides of analysis and 350 exclusive datagraphs for more efficient and effective strategic comparisons, internal reporting and client presentations;
  • Deep-Dive Excel Databook that provides 150 spreadsheet tabs, detailed datasets by country, media sector, segment and category, delivering nearly 100,000 datasets and data points, giving you the most comprehensive perspective of consumer spending on media content and related hardware and software available anywhere.

The following are just some of the key features and benefits you will receive with a site license to the new edition of our annual consumer media spending report:

  • Deep-Dive Profiles of the Top 20 Global Media Markets in All 4 Major Regions;
  • Spending & Growth Data for 2015-2025, with 5-Year Forecasts to 2025;
  • 2 Overall Consumer Media Spending Sectors:
    • Consumer Content
    • Consumer Technology
  • 5 Consumer Media Spending Segments
    • Content Unit Purchases
    • Content Subscriptions
    • Access
    • Devices
    • Software & Services
  • 28 Digital Media & 14 Traditional Media Spending Categories;
  • 11 Hybrid (Digital & Traditional) Consumer Media Spending Silos;
  • Global Consumer Media Content & Technology Market Rankings by:
    • Total Spending, Growth & Share by Country
    • Annual Per Capita Spending & Growth
    • Digital vs. Traditional Media & Tech Spending Shares of Markets

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