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Global Content Marketing Forecast 2020


PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2020 is the 3rd edition of the only market research series to deliver credible and actionable strategic intelligence, data and analysis supported by clear and useful definitions and segmentation of 16 Platform and Channel Categories, as well as exclusive spending and growth projections. This year’s edition also provides a NEW Global Directory of 7,000 Content Marketers operating worldwide by country, the most comprehensive list of content marketers ever published.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on the global media industry in 2020, we understand your need for a trusted research partner to deliver critical market insights, multichannel datasets, and actionable industry forecasts to help you improve daily workflow, enhance strategic planning and sharpen your tactical execution. 

Our research team developed the new Global Content Marketing Forecast 2020 by using our proven econometric methodology, proprietary databases, and exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel to collect ground-level data; perform thorough analysis of key market variables, such as political, economic, social, and technology; and synthesize all this research, data and analysis into a mission-critical deliverable that is designed to help you achieve your strategic objectives. 

With this new report package, you will be equipped to answer these important business questions:  

  • Do you understand the impact of COVID-19 on the content marketing industry?
  • Are you focused on the most opportune markets, platforms, and channels?
  • Which platforms and channels are you using and how are they performing in your target markets?
  • Why are some markets, platforms and channels outperforming others? 
  • What are the key growth drivers and challenges fueling uneven growth outlooks for the largest and fastest growing content marketing platforms, channels, end-user sectors, and top 20 global markets?
  • Do you know which content marketers are operating in your key markets? Are they potential partners or emerging competitors?

Our latest forecast includes a thorough examination of the pandemic’s effect on the top 20 global markets and all 16 content marketing platforms and channels, and it’s designed specifically to help you make smarter business decisions, particularly amid the unforeseen economic upheaval in 2020.

Content marketing emerged from the depths of the Great Recession to become a key media strategy and tactic for brands to target, engage and activate their increasingly elusive, fickle and overwhelmed target consumers. With marketing messages getting lost because key demographics are often media multitasking and consuming content on wireless devices with ad-blocking software, brands are shifting budgets to media channels capable of breakthrough engagement.

These trends fueled a decade of double-digit growth from 2010-2019. But the rapid spread of COVID-19 in 2020 called for a complete re-examination of the unique content marketing sector, which for many years was driven by campaign materials developed in-house versus contracting with third-party vendors. In more recent years, however, brands are increasingly seeking innovative outside content marketers when in-house projects fail to meet expectations.

In fact, since our last edition was published in 2017, PQ Media has tracked a five-fold increase in the number of content marketers operating globally – in just three years! As a result, we further expanded our research coverage to include the following NEW features this year: 

  • NEW Comprehensive Directory of 7,000 Content Marketers operating worldwide by country, the most expansive list of global content marketing operators ever published!
  • NEW breakouts of Digital Content Marketing by Channel, including Branded Social Media & Visual Content; Branded Mobile Content & Apps; Branded Webinars & Online Presentations; Branded Guest Articles & Case Studies; Branded Digital & DVD Videos; and Branded Games & Content Tools;
  • NEW breakouts of Print Content Marketing by Channel, such as Branded Magazines & Advertorials; Branded Research Reports & White Papers; Branded Newsletters; Branded Books; and Branded Trade Show & Event Materials;
  • NEW rankings of the largest, fastest growing, and market share leaders among the top 20 global markets and 16 marketing platforms and channels

Among the other valuable features you will receive in the new Global Content Marketing Forecast 2020 that will Benefit Your Business are:

  • In-Depth Report & Analysis delivering 387 PowerPoint slides (in PDF) featuring hundreds of primary data-driven charts, graphs, expert insights, and detailed profiles covering each of the top 20 global markets across all 4 major regions;
  • Comprehensive Excel Databook featuring 100,000+ datasets and datapoints that provide the deepest dive available into the top 20 global markets and 16 content marketing platforms and channels, including 10 years of revenue, growth, and market share data spanning the 2014-2024 period, with 2020-2024 forecasts;
  • Cogent and useable industry definitions and segmentation based on 25 years of meticulous PQ Media research and analysis of content marketing, detailing the 16 different digital and print content marketing platforms and channels;
  • End-user breakouts and analysis by category, including business-to-business and consumer end users, as spending on B2C content marketing rapidly catches up and surpasses B2B in some markets

To download a FREE Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and Sample Datasets from the new Global Content Marketing Forecast 2020 fill out the short form that appears above after you click the “Free Sample Download” button. Please ensure your email address is correct because it will be used to send you the links to download your free report samples. 

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