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Global Advertising & Marketing Forecast 2014-18


PQ Media has released the updated and enhanced 2nd annual edition of the Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Forecast 2014-18, the essential deep-dive strategic planning tool for media, entertainment & technology operating companies, management consultants, investment firms and research analysts covering the Top 15 Global Media Markets, including the US, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia, among others.

PQ Media’s delivers actual performance data from the 2008-13 period, growth pacing for 2014, and the outlook for 2015-18 for a complex and shifting digital, alternative & traditional media ecosystem, driven by digital transformation, emerging global markets, consumer usage shifts, and a variety of new digital advertising, marketing & entertainment services. Included are exclusive, review, analysis, rankings and forecasts of revenue, growth, leading companies, fast-growing sectors & channels, such as online, mobile, social, video, games, word-of-mouth, and branded entertainment, among others.

Global and market-specific data cover all major regions, leading markets/countries therein, media sectors, platforms, channels, strategies and social generations, with detailed profiles of the Top Global Markets, including the US. For holistic media ecosystem analysis and perspective, data comparisons to traditional media are provided, as well as digital & alternative media’s share of the overall advertising and marketing industry. The report spotlights key advertising and marketing growth opportunities, shifting market patterns and changes impacting all 9 major digital & alternative platforms and 40 channels.

The Global Digital & Alternative Media Revenue Forecast 2014-18 is the only research product on the market with this depth and coverage, offering the widest breadth and greatest depth of PQ’s exclusive Market Intellidata™, delivering expert analysis and perspective regarding the striking differences between each leading country’s digital platforms, channel growth and overall performance. This must-have Report includes 222 PowerPoint slides with almost 250 Tables & Charts and comes with a detailed interactive Excel Databook, including over 125 spreadsheets of datasets and time series, including more than 80,000 data points. Ready-to-use cut and paste PDF slides and data tables enable you to add credibility and authority to any digital media presentation. For more information, download a sample dataset below, as well as the official press release.

Key Features of the Report:

  • Exclusive Data, Analytics & Forecasts by Region, Country, Sector, Platform and Channel
  • 222 Power Point Slides Featuring Data-Rich Analysis, 250 Exclusive Datagraphs
  • Companion Excel Databook w/ deep-dive country-specific datasets, time series & more than 80,000 data points
  • Free Q&A Call we/ PQ Market Analyst Upon Request 72 Page Executive Summary
  • Top 15 Global Market Rankings by Revenue, Growth & Share (2008, 2013, 2018)
  • Other Key Digital & Alternative Media Forecast Features Includes:
    • Top 15 Global Markets/Countries by Size, Growth, KPIs, Future Potential
    • Digital & Alternative (D&A) Advertising & Marketing Sectors
    • 4 Broad D&A Advertising Platforms (Online, Mobile, DOOH, Other Digimedia)
    • 5 Broad D&A Marketing Platforms (Online, Mobile, Consumer Events, Product Placement, Word-of-Mouth)
    • 40 D&A Media Channel
    • 11 Traditional Media Platforms for Comparison
  • Full Year 2013 Actual Revenues & Growth
  • 5-Year Forecasts 2014-2018
  • 5-Year Historicals 2009-2013 (in $US)
  • Media Growth Compared to Country GDP

About the Rest of the Forecast Series

The three-report PQ Media Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2014-18 delivers the first econometric worldview of the rapid and irreversible digital transformation of the media ecosystem and its impact on key performance indicators, including media operator revenues and growth, consumer media usage & exposure, and consumer spending on media access, content, and smart-tech solutions. By the end of 2015, our analysts predict the global digital & traditional media ecosystem will reach $2.9 trillion, with the rapidly evolving digital media sector crossing the 50% tipping point.

Groundbreaking Series delivers the first-ever holistic map of the media ecosystemReport data is consistently organized by country, medium, channel, device, generation and gender; covering more than 100 digital and traditional media channels, and 15 leading global markets, including the US. The findings are comprehensive, data rich, and form a foundation of essential media business intelligence.

New Series is a synergistic intelligence trilogy, with each report designed to work with the others Each report concentrates on a vital and interrelated component of the media value chain: 1) media operator revenues & growth; 2) consumer time spent with media; and 3) consumer spending on media content & technology.

The following are brief descriptions of the upcoming second and third Reports in the Series, with hyperlinks to the dedicated landing pages for FREE downloads of Executive Summaries, Sample Datasets & Table of Contents:

Global Consumer Usage of Digital Media Forecast 2014-18 delivers in-depth strategic intelligence on consumer time spent with media worldwide from 2007 to 2017 in 15 leading global markets by 3 overall digital platforms, 21 media channels, 5 cultural generations and both genders. Also included are data on 8 major traditional media platforms for comparisons. (Release scheduled for October)

Global Consumer Spending on Digital Media Content & Technology Forecast 2014-18 covers consumer spending on subscriptions to digital media content, as well as consumer expenditures on digital media access, devices, software and related services. Data is broken down by 2 spending sectors, 5 digital media & technology categories and 28 segments. Also included is end-user spending for 4 traditional media categories and 14 traditional media segments for comparisons (Release scheduled for November)

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