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Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2014


PQ Media Launches New & Enhanced 7th Edition:
Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2014-18
The DOOH Industry’s Annual Performance Benchmark™



PQ Media’s Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2014-18 is the industry’s only credible source for primary strategic intelligence supported by a proven research methodology.

New Global DOOH Forecast covers the entire 2008-18 period, delivering FY13 actuals, 1H14 pacing and 2014-18 projections. Also included are comparisons of DOOH market size and growth to GDP, traditional OOH media, and other ad-driven media.

Provides several new and enhanced features enabling end users to drill down into PQ Media’s exclusive data, analytics and insights by region, country, media platform (digital billboards and place-based video networks), and location vertical in the US – from roadside, cinema and transit to retail, entertainment and healthcare, among others.

The Forecast has been redesigned into a user-friendly PowerPoint format for easier market and data comparisons, as well as transference of slides into presentations and internal reports.

Updated Companion Excel Databook delivers hundreds of exclusive datasets and datapoints by region, country, platform and location, diving deep into the Top 15 Global DOOH Markets, including leaders like the US, UK and China. Also included are Global Rankings by market size, consumer exposure, growth and media platform.


Does your organization need actionable strategic intelligence from a credible source to help you make smarter business decisions in today’s uncertain economy? Since 2007, leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) media stakeholders have counted on PQ Media’s Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast to deliver the critical data, analysis and insights they need to succeed in a transitioning media ecosystem.

PQ Media’s proprietary methodology, exclusive industry tracking databases, and respected Global Opinion Leader Panel™ provide unmatched breadth and depth to the competitive intelligence delivered in the new Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2014-18. Our analysts track, analyze and project DOOH operator revenues, consumer exposure time, growth trajectories, key growth drivers and the critical market challenges slowing the industry’s ability to break out of early development to establish long-term, sustainable growth.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) from the newly enhanced 7th Edition DOOH Forecast show that influential developed and emerging markets stuttered in 2013, due to myriad challenges posed by debt issues, asset bubbles and political tensions, including the US, China and Russia. Nevertheless, DOOH media operators ground out a 9.3% revenue gain to $8.86 billion in 2013, a solid increase tempered by it being the third straight year of slower growth. Meanwhile, consumer DOOH exposure increased 7.2% – the same rate as in 2012 – to an average of 14 minutes per week.

KPIs in the first half of 2014 show that growth of DOOH operator revenue and consumer DOOH exposure is accelerating this year, boosted by a potent combination of global economic improvement, new and expanding DOOH networks worldwide, two sporting mega-events, and increased healthcare and transit ad spending. In addition, digital screens placed in and around sporting venues, transit hubs and busy roadside locations have become must-buys for brands during major sporting events and political campaigns, such as those in 2014, because they reach on-the-go consumers with a combination of dynamic ads and real-time results.

But while DOOH is on pace for faster growth in 2014, several challenges continue to shadow operators of digital signage, video networks and interactive kiosks, including standardized measurement, planning and buying, mobile integration and operator consolidation. PQ Media’s opinion leader panel indicates that DOOH is at a critical juncture and that operators must redouble efforts to differentiate their media assets, communicate advantages and benefits, and prove their value to increase advertiser confidence.

Other Key Forecast Features

  • 300 PowerPoint Slides Including Hundreds of Exclusive Datagraphs & Datapoints
  • Value-add Excel Databook Featuring Several Hundred Datasets &Almost 10,000 Datapoints
  • Digital Place-based Network Revenues & Growth with US Breakouts by 5 Broad Venue Categories
  • Digital Billboard & Signage Revenues & Growth with US Breakouts by 4 Location Verticals
  • Consumer DOOH Exposure Time vs. Traditional OOH & Advertising Media
  • DOOH Key Performance Indicators vs. Other Media Results and Global Averages
  • Coverage of 4 Major Global Regions & Drill-Down on Top 15 Global DOOH Markets
  • Global Rankings by Region, Market & Platform
  • Updated & Comprehensive Global Directory of 1,000+ DOOH Media Operators

Electrify your strategic growth plans TODAY with the industry’s leading source for actionable strategic intelligence. Download the Executive Summary and Excel Dataset Sample or place your order NOW. All report buyers will receive a FREE phone consultation with our top DOOH analysts.

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