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Global Experiential Marketing Forecast 2022-2026


PQ Media’s new Global Experiential Marketing Forecast 2022-2026 is the 9th edition of the biennial performance benchmark for the consumer event sponsorship and live event marketing sector and is the first and only source of comprehensive and actionable market intelligence covering one of the largest media industry segments worldwide.

Following an unprecedented 25.7% plunge in 2020, due to the economic blowback from COVID-19 that dealt a punishing blow to one of the most consistently growing media segments for two decades, consumer experiential marketing rebounded 8.2% in 2021 to $67.63 billion, according to PQ Media’s Global Experiential Marketing Forecast 2022-2026.

And while the pandemic wrought massive damage on the consumer event sector in 2020 that was unparalleled in the history of the advertising and marketing industry, experiential marketing is on pace to grow at an accelerated 11.1% to $75.16 billion in 2022, as one of the media industry’s largest segments continues to recover from the deep impact of the pandemic and its aftershocks worldwide.

That said, consumer experiential marketing won’t reach pre-pandemic spend levels until 2024. But the strong desire on the part of major advertisers and marketers to gain brand awareness among target consumers, to create positive brand associations, and produce sales lift will continue to favor experiential marketing in the post-pandemic era.

We understand that you need a trusted research partner with a proven methodology to deliver critical market insights, deep-dive datasets and keen industry perspective to achieve your strategic growth objectives. Driven by PQ Media’s proven econometric methodology, proprietary databases, and exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel™, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive and actionable market intelligence geared to enhance your strategic planning, internal reporting, client presentations and tactical executions.

It’s essential for media stakeholders like you to have ground-level market research to benchmark current performance, understand critical PEST trends, and execute thorough comparative analysis to ensure your investment priorities are aligned with the best market opportunities.

Accordingly, PQ Media expanded its coverage even further in this edition of the Forecast, spanning the globe and drilling deeper into the growing range of media channels leveraging the power of experiential marketing. Our comprehensive industry definitions and segmentation, market sizing and analysis, and growth projections are designed to help you make smarter business decisions, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Specifically, we expanded our research coverage to include the following NEW actionable strategic intelligence:

  • NEW breakouts of Consumer Event Sponsorships by category, including Arts; Associations; Causes; Entertainment, Tours & Attractions; Festivals, Fairs & Events; and Sports;
  • NEW breakouts of Consumer Event Marketing by category, such as College; Grass Roots; Mall & Nightlife; Virtual Events & Mobile Road Shows; and Sports & Entertainment;
  • The range of effects COVID-19 has had on experiential marketing and the broader media industry;
  • Recalibrated experiential marketing growth projections for YE 2021, YE 2022 estimates, and five-year forecasts out to 2026;
  • Additional slides breaking out data for each channel – consumer events and event sponsorships;
  • Deeper trend analysis and datasets for both experiential channels vs. prior edition;
  • Lists of the Top Experiential Marketing Operators in the United States and United Kingdom

Experiential marketing is becoming a more important part of marketing campaigns because of better metrics and engagement with customers. Consumer event sponsorship growth driven by new venues accepting sponsorship deals. For example, various sports leagues – amateur, college and pro – have begun to allow sponsored messages on arenas, floor spaces, uniforms, among others. Live consumer event marketing is growing faster than consumer event sponsorships because it gives brands exclusive access to target consumers, as well as more grassroots events being staged amid the increase in the popularity of local youthe sports, college sports and causes and, increasingly, the contentious US political climate.

For instance, US experiential marketing spend is projected to outpace that of overall advertising & marketing investments and US GDP by 3-6 percentage points in the 2022-2026 period, as brand marketers shift budgets  to media channels that demonstrate the ability to engage target consumers, create emotional connections and increase sales. Experiential marketing has posted consistent growth for two decades leading into pandemic-struck 2020, despite strong headwinds that began to negatively impact other digital and traditional media, particularly strong criticisms leveled at digital media channels. These criticisms, particularly related to fake news, ad fraud, ad placements near controversial content, and the growing use of ad blockers, has not and will not impact experiential marketing.

As a result, the PQ Media research team, placed and exhaustive amount of research time on the emerging trends coming out of the precipice of the global pandemic, including valuable features in the new 9th edition that will benefit your business during this critical strategic planning juncture in 2H 2022, including:

  • Core PDF Report delivering 277 slides that feature exclusive market data, analysis, charts, graphs, and in-depth profiles and rankings of the top 20 global markets spanning all four major regions;
  • Deep-Dive Excel Databook providing 150,000+ datasets and data points drilling down into each country and channel with coverage across the 2017-2026 period, including 2022-2026 growth projections;
  • Drill-down market intelligence, datasets and growth forecasts of both major experiential marketing platforms – Consumer Event Sponsorships by category, including Arts; Associations; Causes; Entertainment, Tours & Attractions; Festivals, Fairs & Events; and Sports;
  • NEW breakouts of Consumer Event Marketing by category, such as College; Grass Roots; Mall & Nightlife; Virtual Events & Mobile Road Shows; and Sports & Entertainment;
  • Detailed profiles of the top 20 global markets across all 4 regions – the Americas (ex., US, Canada); Europe (ex., UK, Germany); and APAC (ex., China, Australia);
  • Exclusive rankings of the largest, fastest growing, and market share leaders among the top 20 countries and experiential marketing channels worldwide.

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