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Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2013-17


Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2013-17

What if you could see every tipping point in the multi-trillion dollar consumer-facing media economy – by country, sector, channel and device – in advance?

Might this knowledge be a game-changer for your media, entertainment or technology business?

Would you be able to make smarter, faster and more informed business decisions?

Introducing the PQ Media Global Digital Media & Technology Report Series 2013-17. It delivers the first-ever econometric view and understanding of the rapid and irreversible worldwide shift toward digital media, and away from traditional.

If you are not familiar with PQ Media, we’re a leading econometrics-based market research and consulting firm. By 2015, our analysts predict the global digital & traditional media ecosystem will reach $2.9 trillion, with the rapidly evolving digital media sector crossing the 50% tipping point.

This is just is one of hundreds of valuable Series insights, available to executives responsible for strategic initiatives, new business models, and managing rapid change in the 21st Century, where consumers engage with content on a host of web-connected devices and screens, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and videogame consoles.

Discover why leading media companies, agencies and management consulting firms around the world have joined as charter subscribers to this new Series.

The Series delivers the first-ever holistic map of the media ecosystem:
Report data is consistently organized by country, medium, channel, device, generation and gender; covering more than 100 digital and traditional media channels, and 15 leading global markets, including the US. The findings are comprehensive, data rich, and form a foundation of essential media business intelligence.

Series reports are designed to work together:
Each report concentrates on a vital and interrelated component of the media value chain: media operator revenues and growth; consumer time spent with media; and consumer spending on media content and technology.

Executives will find answers to these three questions, and more:

  • What are the largest and fastest growing digital markets, media sectors, categories and segments worldwide?
  • Which categories and segments will most likely support sustainable business models, or not, in developed and developing economies?
  • How does a company’s business performance look when benchmarked against digital or traditional media sectors, categories, segments or GDP growth?

The Series delivers three distinct advantages over other reports:

  • Census-based forecasts and comparisons for better understanding of global inflection points, not possible with market projections based on online audience surveys and panels.
  • Per capita spending comparisons based on consumer market projections for identification of tipping points by sector, category and segment.
  • Benchmarking tools o evaluate Y-on-Y Company and product performance against global digital and traditional media trends.

Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Forecast 2013-17 – analyzes and forecasts digital and media operator revenues from 2007 to 2017 in 15 leading global markets, broken down by the advertising and marketing sectors; 9 media platforms within each sector; and 40 media channels. Also included are data on 11 traditional media platforms for comparisons. (free executive summary and sample datasets are available by clicking through the report link above)

Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2013-17 – delivers in-depth strategic intelligence on consumer time spent with media worldwide from 2007 to 2017 in 15 leading global markets by 3 overall digital platforms, 21 media channels, 5 cultural generations and both genders. Also included are data on 8 major traditional media platforms for comparisons. (free executive summary and sample datasets are available by clicking through the report link)

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2013-17 – covers consumer spending on subscriptions to digital media content, as well as consumer expenditures on digital media access, devices, software and related services. Data is broken down by 2 spending sectors, 5 digital media & technology categories and 28 segments. Also included is end-user spending for 4 traditional media categories and 14 traditional media segments for comparisons. (free executive summary and sample datasets are accessible through the report link)

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