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Global Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2017


The new PQ Media® Global Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2017™ is the 10th edition in this groundbreaking annual KPI benchmark series, which set the standard for comprehensive, in-depth market data and intelligence covering OOH advertising media upon its initial release in 2007. Today, it remains the only primary source for credible and consistent econometric data tracking both industry KPIs together – OOH media operator revenues and consumer exposure to OOH media.

Each year, PQ Media enhances its publication series and it remains true in 2016. For the first time, our coverage will include not only digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising revenues, but also traditional OOH media, such as static billboards, street furniture and transit posters, as well as a proprietary data series tracking ambient OOH media, including ads placed on objects, non-traditional vehicles, and in unique locations. The 2017 edition has further expanded to include OOH revenue and growth data and analysis covering five new nations – Argentina, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and Taiwan – increasing the total coverage in the report to the Top 20 Global OOH Ad Markets.

This is why the world’s leading industry stakeholders – from C-level executives and management consultants to media buyers and investment professionals – count on PQ Media’s OOH Media Forecast Series to deliver the critical data, analysis and insights they need to succeed in a rapidly changing media & technology ecosystem.

With economic uncertainty, technological disruption and transforming market dynamics, are you and your team prepared to navigate the tectonic shifts reshaping the media & technology landscape? In an era of lightning quick changes, accelerating technology upgrades and increasingly hard-to-reach mobile consumers, it’s never been more important to have access to reliable and actionable market research to ensure you’re equipped to make smarter, faster business decisions in today’s hyper-competitive market.

The Global Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2017 is driven by PQ Media’s proprietary methodology, exclusive industry databases and distinguished Global Opinion Leader Panel™, delivers unmatched breadth and depth of intelligent data covering the world’s largest DOOH/OOH market. PQM analysts diligently research, track and project OOH media operator revenues, consumer time spent with OOH/DOOH and versus other media; growth analyses and projections based on close examination of key growth drivers and critical market challenges to the industry’s long-run growth prospects. Specifically, this latest edition of the PQ Media global report provides you with:

Most reliable, consistent & actionable market intelligence covering the entire 2010-20 period, including 5-year projected, current-year & 5-year historical data;
Only primary source delivering data & analyses tracking global traditional & digital OOH operator revenues & consumer exposure time, comparing OOH media with other ad-driven media;
Original OOH industry definitions & segmentation, as well as exclusive data & insights by media platform and channels.
Key performance indicators (KPIs) from the new Global OOH Forecast show that OOH media verticals which stuttered in 2014 due to myriad challenges, continued to deal with a weakening overall global ad market due to economic headwinds in many of the emerging markets that drove growth in previous years, particularly China and Russia. However, a strong rebound in digital placed-based ad networks helped total OOH operator revenues to generate a 5.4% gain in 2015 versus a 5% increase in 2014, reaching a total of $46.35 billion.

Meanwhile, consumer time spent with OOH and DOOH media increased 1.5% worldwide to almost one hour and 5 minutes per week in 2015, driver primarily by a multi-year upward trend in DOOH exposure, making the media platform among the fastest-growing media industry segments.

KPI pacing data in the first half of 2016 points to an industry on pace to finish 2016 with another full year of accelerating growth, propelled by spending during the Summer Olympics, particularly in Latin American markets, as well as surge in OOH usage by political campaigns in the US. OOH media continues to defy expectations with its steady growth while other traditional media platforms struggle in this age of digital content and marketing. With the rise of ad-skipping technologies, including mobile and internet ad blockers, brands continue to turn to OOH to reach their coveted target audiences near the point of decision.

Further, OOH operators have been scrambling to integrate new technology in recent years, such as mobile beacons at retail and programmatic ad systems to make media buying more efficient. Nevertheless, several OOH markets continue to face challenges from demands for more and better industry measurement, differentiating their media assets, improving communication about the benefits of advertising on OOH media by proving their value in the multimedia campaign mix.

With consumers increasingly accessing media outside their homes, brand marketers need to determine more effective means of reaching young, on-the-go, always-connected American audiences with often hyper-targeted messages. As such, key DOOH stakeholders like you need the intelligent data delivered by the industry’s go-to benchmarking service, featuring several other valuable elements, such as:

Core report in user-friendly PowerPoint format with 400+ slides of exclusive charts, graphs and datasets;
Out-of-home media operator revenues & growth breakouts by four channel categories: traditional OOH, digital place-based ad networks, digital billboards & posters, and ambient OOH;
Consumer DOOH exposure time compared with traditional & ambient OOH, as well as media usage growth of various other ad media;
Intelligent data and original market insights covering the 2010-20 period, with 2016-20 projections, 2015 actuals, 1H 2016 pacing & FY 2016 estimates;
Exclusive comparisons of traditional & ambient OOH and digital OOH market size and growth relative to other ad media and GDP.

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