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Global Product Placement Forecast 2020


The new Global Product Placement Forecast 2020 is the 8th edition in PQ Media’s trailblazing Global Branded Entertainment Forecast Series and is recognized worldwide as the industry’s biennial performance benchmark. Since the launch of the original US Product Placement Forecast in 2005, PQ Media has remained the only provider of credible, consistent and actionable market intelligence covering the fast-growing business of product placement in media.

For 15 years, the Global Product Placement Forecast has pioneered the market research, expanded our coverage across the globe and drilled deeper into the growing range of media channels that are leveraging the power of brand integration. No longer a nebulous and unmeasured business, today, our comprehensive industry definitions and segmentation, market sizing and analysis, and growth projections are designed to help you make smarter business decisions – even amid unforeseen economic setbacks.

We understand that you need a trusted research partner with a proven methodology to deliver critical market insights, deep-dive datasets and keen industry perspective to help you withstand economic volatility, dramatic market shifts and, ultimately, to achieve your strategic growth objectives. Driven by PQ Media’s proven econometric methodology, proprietary databases, and exclusive global opinion leader panel, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive and actionable market intelligence geared to enrich your strategic planning, internal reporting, client presentations and tactical executions.

It’s essential for media stakeholders like you to have ground-level market research to benchmark current performance, understand critical PEST trends, and execute thorough comparative analysis to ensure your investment priorities are aligned with the best market opportunities. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and decades of experience, our team of analysts strives to consistently deliver the comprehensive spreadsheets, deep-dive datasets and deft strategic insights you need for effective internal reporting, workflow optimization and to decisively navigate the changing media landscape.

With industry stakeholders in mind, we delayed the release of the new Global Product Placement Forecast 2020 so we could fully assess the current business environment, which led us to revise our market analysis and growth projections to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on product placement and the broader media sector in 2020 and 2021. As a result, we expanded our research to include the following: 

  • More detailed media platform and channel trend analysis to include the key effects of C-19 on each key platform and channel for product placement;
  • Added multiple new slides, datagraphs, and insights to the PDF Report and extended the breadth and depth of the drill-down datasets in the Companion Excel Databook compared with prior editions;
  • New deep-dive datasets and analysis of the Television category that break out the three key video channels, including Broadcast TV, Cable TV, and Streaming/OTT Video

PQ Media estimates that global product placement revenues grew for the 10th consecutive year in 2019, with the total value of all product placements in media growing 14.5% to $20.57 billion. While the C-19 outbreak that spread worldwide in early 2020 will ultimately break that double-digital growth streak this year, we expect product placement investments to resume double-digit growth in 2021.

There are compelling reasons why product placement experienced only one minor decline in 2009 amid a growth streak stretching back to 1975, the first year we began tracking the brand integration business. PQ Media’s research suggests that smartly crafted product placement leads to online engagement and has the ability to create emotional connections with key demographics, such as more mobile, diverse and tech-savvy younger consumers like Millennials, iGens and mGens.

As a result, paid placements have grown substantially in number and value during the past decade because brands have become more willing to invest in skillful integration of their logos and products in storylines that will expose their assets in meaningful ways. In the current C-19 media economy, the combination of tight budgets, fewer ad avails in traditional media and limited releases of new content direct to streaming video, has opened up major opportunities for brand sponsors and media producers to strike mutually beneficial collaborations.

The strong desire to gain brand awareness among target consumers, create positive brand associations and produce sales lift will continue to favor branded entertainment marketing in the post-pandemic era. Be prepared. Get the data. Nowhere else are the following invaluable resources available to help your business at this critical time:

  • Core PDF Report delivers 335 slides featuring exclusive market data, analysis, charts, graphs, and in-depth profiles and rankings of the top 20 global markets spanning all four major regions worldwide;
  • Deep-Dive Excel Databook provides 250,000 datasets and data points drilling down into each country and media platform with coverage spanning the entire 2014-2024 period, providing 2014-18 historical data, YE 2019 results, and 2020-24 growth projections;
  • Drill-down market intelligence, datasets and growth forecasts of all 15 key media platforms and channels by country, including Broadcast TV, Cable TV, and Streaming/OTT Video; Filmed Entertainment; Videogames; Digital Media (Online, Mobile, Social); Recorded Music; Radio/Audio Media; and Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Books);
  • Exclusive detailed profiles of the top 20 global markets, including data, analysis and forecasts by media platform covering: the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico; France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and South Africa;
  • Exclusive rankings of the largest, fastest growing, and market share leaders among the top 20 countries and media platforms worldwide

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