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U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast 2016


PQ Media, in collaboration with the ANA, has released the U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast 2016, the first and only source of comprehensive, consistent and actionable strategic intelligence covering brand activation operator revenues and marketer spending on brand activation by media platform, channel, end-user sector and industry vertical.

A report full of benchmarking firsts for brand activation, the new Forecast finally puts brand activation into context of the broader advertising & marketing economy, providing exclusive definitions and segmentation as well as comprehensive and in-depth views of this growing media sector through multiple vantage points never available previously. Among the groundbreaking data and analysis included in the new report are:

  • First cohesive and consistent set of definitions and segmentation of brand activation into 6 key media platforms and 32 channels;
  • Exclusive data and analysis of the size, growth and forecast of all platforms & channels by both media operator revenues and brand marketer spending on brand activation;
  • Only source to examine brand activation revenues and spending by each end-user sector: consumer and business-to-business;
  • First drill-downs into brand activation revenues and spending by brand verticals, such as CPG, auto, tech and telecom;
  • And as a bonus to subscribers, we included exclusive data, analysis and comparisons of three key media sectors: brand activation, advertising and trade promotions

Original market research delivered through U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast is designed to equip today’s advertising & marketing industry stakeholders, including media company executives, marketing agency professionals, major brand marketers, management consultants and financiers, with the competitive intelligence you need to make smarter, faster business decisions in a rapidly transforming media ecosystem. PQ Media’s exclusive tracking, analyses and forecasts cover the waterfront of digital, traditional & hybrid media messaging and the trends driving brands to invest in specific media platforms and channels over others.

PQ Media’s intelligent data provides you with an unrivaled breadth and depth of strategic intelligence across dozens of media sectors, platforms, channels and industry verticals, fueled by the primary research our experienced research team has collected, analyzed and synthesized to produce the key growth drivers, industry challenges, market insights and forecast assumptions behind this new product. Our analysts have drilled deep into every aspect of brand activation to unearth not only the cyclical trends impacting year-over- year results, but also the critical secular trends driving longer-term growth patterns of the entire advertising & marketing economy.

New Report Delivers Need-to-Have Business Information to Help You:

  • Benchmark KPI’s in the U.S. market by 6 brand activation marketing platforms, including Relationship Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Content Marketing, Experiential Marketing, and Retailer Marketing, as well as 32 channels within these platforms;
  • Drill down into the U.S. market with a Value-Add Excel Databook, which delivers hundreds of exclusive datasets by media sector, platform, channel, end-user category, and industry vertical for the entire 2010-20 period;
  • Analyze market-specific insights and 5-year projections neatly organized in a user-friendly 651- slide PowerPoint deck featuring 674 original PQ Media datagraphs & tables;
  • Compare and contrast the entire 2010-20 decade with both 2010-15 actuals and 2016-20 forecasts to identify areas that present the best investment opportunities going forward;

In all of our market research reports and series, PQ Media uses consistent historical datasets going back decades and recalibrated each year to produce the most intelligent data available anywhere, driven by our multi-layered, proprietary research methodology, PQ Medianomics™. Our analysts have done much of the groundwork for you in advance, so you and your team can concentrate on leveraging this critical strategic intelligence contained in this first-ever publication to help you make smarter, faster business decisions amid the tectonic shifts disrupting and transforming the media ecosystem.

More Details on the Key Features of the Forecast:

  • Original Data, Analytics & Forecasts by Sector, Platform, Channel & End User
  • Exclusive Definitions & Segmentation
  • Categorized for the First Time by 3 Brand Marketing Sectors
    • Brand Activation Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Trade Promotions
  • 6 Brand Activation Platforms
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Promotional Marketing
    • Content Marketing (including Branded Entertainment)
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Retailer Marketing
  • 32 Brand Activation Channels (download Table of Contents below for more details)
  • Business-to-Business & Consumer End Users
  • 2015 Analysis by 21 Brand Category Verticals
  • 2010-15 Actuals
  • 2016-20 Forecasts
  • 651 PowerPoint Slides with 674 Datagraphs & Tables
  • 93 Pages PQ Media Global Opinion Leader Panel™ Insights
  • Excel Databook with 13 Tabs & Hundreds of Datasets Covering 6 Platforms, 32 Channels, 2 End-User Sectors & 21 Industry Verticals totaling over 1.6 million data points;

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