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Since its founding in January 2003, PQ Media has grown into the leading provider of global media econometrics and pioneer of emerging media research. Our industry-leading predictive econometrics system serves executives charged with advancing strategic initiatives in the rapidly changing media, entertainment and communications industries (see About).

Our focus is on providing unbiased and actionable strategic intelligence to positively impact our client's growth objectives. PQ Media's proven and best-in-class econometric system delivers a holistic, cross-channel view of the rapidly shifting global media ecosystem by focusing on the key components of the media industry value chain. We examine the digital platforms and channels in the 15 leading global markets associated with digital & alternative advertising & marketing, consumer spend on digital media & technology, consumer usage of media, as well as analysis of traditional media's platforms for perspective. Our experienced team of executives and market analysts, who deliver custom and syndicated data, analysis and recommendations to our clients via custom consulting services and research reports (see Executive Team) PQ Media's breadth and depth of knowledge and perspective drive strategic plans, investment parameters and tactical approaches for leading media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, management consultants and media agencies.

"PQ Media's numbers are not only significant for their size, but for their accuracy. PQ Media, which provides metrics for many types of communications, not just DOOH advertising, is notoriously accurate when it comes to their forecasts."


PQ Media's Custom Consulting Services

PQ Media's Strategic Solutions:

If you believe PQ Media has the strategic solutions to help your organization achieve its growth objectives, please feel free to contact Patrick Quinn, President & CEO; or Leo Kivijarv, Vice President/Marketing: at 203-569-9449.

New Report

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2016-20

PQ Media has released the annual Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2016-20, the 3rd installment in the latest edition of PQ Media’s annual Global Media & Technology (GMT) Series, a three-report bundle designed for each standalone report to work both individually and sequentially to deliver the only holistic view of the global media ecosystem, encompassing traditional, digital and alternative advertising, marketing and consumer-driven media.

PQ Media’s unparalleled breadth and depth of consistent, actionable datasets – reaching back decades and recalibrated annually for a fresh five-year outlook – are fused with expert data analysis and market insights to help you reveal the key growth opportunities and challenges going forward through a proprietary multi-lens view of the industry’s three key performance indicators (KPIs): media operator revenues & growth; consumer time spent with media; and consumer spending on media content & technology.


PQ Media's Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2016-20™

PQ Media® has released the 4th edition of the annual Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2016-20, delivering exclusive data and analytics covering the waterfront of US & Global time spent with digital and traditional media.

The new PQ Media Forecast is the second of three reports to be released in the annual Global Media & Technology Series™ (GMT Series), a three-report bundle designed to work individually and sequentially to deliver the world's only holistic view of the digital transformation reshaping the media & technology landscape. PQ Media does this by providing a unique multi-lens perspective through the vantage points of three industry KPIs: media operator revenues & growth; consumer media usage & exposure; and consumer spending on media content & technology.

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PQ Media's Patrick Quinn delivers mobile & social media growth story at MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit.

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