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Global Influencer Marketing Forecast 2023-2027


The new Global Influencer Marketing Forecast 2023-2027 is the third edition of the influencer marketing industry’s recognized performance benchmark. Since the launch of our groundbreaking Word of Mouth Marketing Forecast in 2007 PQ Media has remained the only provider of credible, consistent and actionable market intelligence covering the fast-growing business of what, today, is known as influencer marketing.

For 16 years, PQ Media’s coverage of this once fledgling, nebulous and unmeasured business has evolved with the industry and greatly expanded our research scope across the globe, while drilling deeper into the growing number of media platforms, channels, strategies and tactics used by brands and influencers to create emotional connections with target consumers and engage more elusive younger demographics. As always, our primary objective is to deliver comprehensive and consistent industry maps complete with clear definitions and segmentation, market sizing and analysis, and five-year growth projections, which are designed to help you make smarter business decisions.

In 2009, PQ Media released the second edition of our Word-of-Mouth Marketing Forecast at a time when social media sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, were still in their infancy, but gaining traction fast. During this period nearly 90% of WOMM campaigns were being managed by brand ambassadors that were recruited as target consumers in key demographics to try new products free and tell their friends about the value of those products.

Fast forward to 2023, and the term “word-of-mouth marketing” is rarely used anymore, as it has been replaced by “influencer marketing,” a phenomenon that gained steam over the past decade. Nevertheless, we have continued to research, track and recalibrate our exclusive WOMM/Influencer Marketing data for the past 14 years through our annual PQ Media Global Advertising & Marketing Spending Forecast.

The new Global Influencer Marketing Forecast 2023-2027 is the first definitive source to build on the work PQ Media has done over the past two decades in the WOMM/Influencer sector with all the aforementioned core updates to definitions and segmentation and such, but also to include new influencer marketing breakouts not just in the US, but across the globe, analyzed by the four major regions and the top 20 global markets therein.

Influencer marketing sector consists of three major channels – content providers, service providers, and measurement & platform providers – which, combined, include five key channels therein, as depicted below:

Industry Channels & Categories

  • Content Providers
  • Service Providers
  • Measurement & Platform Providers
  • Influencer Research
  • Influencer Technology
  • Public Relation Agencies
  • Influencer Agencies
  • Consulting Firms

Global influencer marketing spending rose 21.5% in 2022 in $29.14 billion, and is on pace to grow 16.9% in 2023. United States influencer marketing investments increased 22.2% in 2022 in $22.19 billion, and are projected to rise 17.6% in 2023. Among the key growth drivers are the following:

  • Influencer marketing is more often being integrated into omnichannel campaigns;
  • Social media has overtaken offline word of mouth to drive influencer marketing growth;
  • Number of companies involved in influencer marketing is expanding significantly;
  • Number of influencers has skyrocketed, albeit a large majority are nano influencers with fewer than 10,000 followers;
  • Millennials is the primary generation demographic being targeted in influencer campaigns as they leave traditional media;
  • Influencer campaigns increasing on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok to reach other demos, like i-Gens;
  • Metrics improving as brands move away from influencer-focused data (e.g., likes, to brand-focused data (e.g., click-throughs);

PQ Media understands your need for a trusted research partner with a proven methodology to deliver critical market insights, deep-dive datasets and keen industry perspective to achieve your strategic growth objectives. Driven by our proven econometric methodology, proprietary databases, and exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive and actionable market intelligence geared to enhance your strategic planning, internal reporting, client presentations and tactical executions.

It’s essential for media stakeholders like you to have ground-level market research to benchmark current performance, understand critical PEST trends, and execute thorough comparative analysis to ensure your investment priorities are aligned with the best market opportunities.

Accordingly, you need to be prepared, so GET THE DATA! Nowhere else are the invaluable resources described below available to help your business grow in this new media era. Each site license to the new Forecast includes two key deliverables:

Core PDF Report delivers 220 slides and 167 datacharts, featuring exclusive market data, analysis and in-depth profiles and rankings of the top 20 global markets spanning the top 20 markets worldwide;

Deep-Dive Excel Databook provides 9,000 datasets and datapoints via 40 spreadsheet tabs of exclusive drill-down data and analysis, drilling down into each major global market and influencer channel with coverage of the entire 2017-2027 period with 2017-2022 historical data and 2023-2027 growth projections;

Also included with your site license are the first-ever detailed list of more than 1,000 influencer marketing companies operating worldwide by industry platform and segment, which are included in the deep-dive Excel databook.

In addition, our incisive research team uncovered over 2,000 leading influencers across the globe, which are also featured in our first-ever list of the most powerful on-the-street ambassadors for the world’s leading brands, products and services across all major brand verticals.

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