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Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22


PQ Media has released the 6th annual edition of the Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22, delivering the most comprehensive and in-depth examination of consumer time spent with digital and traditional media worldwide by region, country, media platform, channel, consumer generation and gender.  

To help media stakeholders like you make smarter business decisions amid the technological disruption and digital transformation of the advertising and marketing ecosystem, PQ Media designed the new Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22 to effectively use our proven research methodology and deep reservoir of econometric data to deliver the only credible, consistent and holistic set of industry definitions and segments, historical and forecast datasets, market analysis and keen insights, and comprehensive growth projections.

PQ Media analysts already did the arduous ground-level work to provide you with the most intelligent data and insightful analysis available, so you can focus on harnessing this critical market intelligence to help drive your strategic planning. All site license options include two key deliverables that have been crafted to work together to deliver exclusive market intelligence aimed at helping you achieve your strategic growth objectives.

Among the key benefits and features delivered in the new PQ Media Forecast are the following:

  •  Core PDF Report & Analysis delivering 440 PowerPoint slides of original data, analysis and 600 exclusive datagraphs examining 10 years of original media consumption data, including time spent with media per week; breakouts of consumer media usage & exposure growth by platform and channel; and rankings of the fastest-growing countries, platforms, channels and demographic groups for easy strategic comparisons, internal reporting and client presentations;
  • Companion Excel Databook providing 250,000 exclusive and consistent datasets and datapoints to give you the deepest dive available across all 4 major global regions, top 20 countries, the advertising and marketing sectors, and the incomparable array of digital and traditional media platforms, channels and hybrid (digital + traditional) media silos, granting you a crucial drill-down perspective on the shifting media landscape;
  • Benchmark the performance of the Top 20 Global Media Markets by country across 4 major regions; 3 broad digital media platforms (online, mobile & other digital media); 22 digital media channels; 8 key traditional media platforms; and 11 hybrid (digital + traditional) media silos;
  • Analyze exclusive and consistent historical and forecast datasets for the entire 2012-22 period, including 2012-17 historical data, current pacing estimates for 2018, and 5-year projections for the 2018-22 period;
  • Track 8 consumer generation and gender demographics, including 6 key generation groups (ex., Millennials, Gen-X), including the first-ever time spent with media data and analysis covering the newest generation emerging, m-Gens (born starting in 2013);
  • Original and consistent industry definitions, market segmentation, market sizing, in-depth country profiles, proprietary global and US rankings, projected outcomes, key industry growth trends and emerging market challenges impacting the 2018-22 forecast period;
  • Exclusive Global and US rankings of the largest and fastest-growing digital and traditional media platforms, channels and hybrid media silos, as well as top 20 global markets ranked by size, growth and digital media share of total media consumption, among others.

To download your FREE Executive Summary, Table of Contents, and Sample Datasets from the new Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22 just fill out the short form after you click on the Free Sample Download button above. Please make sure your email address is correct because we will use it to send you the links necessary to download the free samples.

To purchase a single-user or multi-user license to this new report, please use the e-commerce options above on this page. Pricing for this individual publication is as follows:

  • Single-User License: $2,995
  • Multi-User License: $3,995

The new consumer media usage report is the second of three reports to be released in the 6th annual Global Media & Technology Forecast Series 2018-22, a three-report bundle in which each publication is designed to work both individually and collectively to provide a holistic view of the rapidly changing media landscape. Each report in the series focuses one of three key performance indicators: advertising & marketing spending; consumer media usage & exposure; and consumer spending on media & technology. Click on the GMT Series link above for more details, free downloads, and Special Three-Report Bundle Pricing.

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